Academic Fields

212 Fields (November 2022)





Advanced Biomass R&D


Aerospace Engineering


Agricultural Engineering


Analytical Engineering


Animal Life Sciences








Architectural Engineering




Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Big Data


Bioanthropology & Paleopathology




Bio-energy Research


Bio-health Product Research


Biological Sciences


Biomedical Engineering & Research


Biomedical Laboratory Science


Bio-Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (BioMEMS)


Bio-resources Technology




Business Administration


Business Administration: Organizational Behavior


Ceramic Engineering and Technology


Chemical Engineering


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering




Civil and Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering


Clothing and Textiles


Cognitive Science


Cogno-Mechatronics Engineering




Community and Regional Planning


Computer Engineering


Computer Science


Computer Science and Engineering


Computer Science and Information Engineering


Computer Science Engineering: Natural Language Processing


Construction Strategy and Research


Construction Technology


Convergence Engineering for Future City


Data Science




Dentistry: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Dentistry: Orthodontics


Dentistry: Periodontics


Dentistry: Prosthodontics


Developmental Biology


Early Childhood Education






Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Electronics Engineering


Electronics and Computer Engineering


Electronics and Manufacturing


Embedded Systems Engineering


Energy and Resources Engineering


Energy Research


Energy Science and Technology


Engineering Mechanics




Environmental Engineering


Environmental Science


Experimental Pathology


Fashion Design


Ferrous Technology


Food Science and Nutrition


Future & Smart Construction Research


Geoinformatic Engineering


Geological and Environmental Sciences


Higher Education






Industrial and Information Systems Engineering


Industrial and Management Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Industrial Engineering & Management Engineering


Industrial Quality Engineering


Information Architecture


Information Systems & Management


Information Technology (IT)


Information Technology & Management


Innovative Functional Imaging


International Relations


International Studies


International Studies: US–Canadian Studies


International Trade


Land Surveying & Geo-Informatics


Library and Information Science


Life Sciences


Literary Criticism


Logistics Information Technology


Logistics, Supply Chain and Service Operations Management (LSOM)




Marine Bio-Materials & Aquaculture


Marine Engineering & Shipbuilding


Marine Science


Marine Science: Phycology


Materials Science and Engineering




Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical, Electronic, and Control Engineering


Mechatronics Engineering


Medicinal Chemistry




Medicine: Anatomy


Medicine: Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine


Medicine: Biochemistry


Medicine: Cancer Epidemiology and Management


Medicine: Dermatology


Medicine: Diagnostic Radiology


Medicine: Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Surgery


Medicine: Family Medicine


Medicine: Fertility Medicine


Medicine: Foot & Ankle Orthopedics


Medicine: Forensic Medicine


Medicine: Gastroenterology


Medicine: General Surgery


Medicine: Genomic Medicine


Medicine: Geriatric Medicine


Medicine: Hematology


Medicine: Infectious Disease


Medicine: Internal Medicine


Medicine: Laboratory Medicine


Medicine: Medical Education


Medicine: Molecular and Cellular Biology


Medicine: Molecular Oncology


Medicine: Musculoskeletal Imaging


Medicine: Neuroscience


Medicine: Neurosurgery


Medicine: Obstetrics & Gynecology


Medicine: Oncology


Medicine: Ophthalmology


Medicine: Ophthalmology and Visual Science


Medicine: Orthopedic Surgery


Medicine: Parasitology


Medicine: Pathology


Medicine: Pediatric Neurosurgery


Medicine: Pediatric Ophthalmology


Medicine: Pediatrics


Medicine: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Medicine: Proton Therapy


Medicine: Psychiatry


Medicine: Radiation Oncology


Medicine: Radiology


Medicine: Regenerative Medicine


Medicine: Rehabilitation Medicine


Medicine: Rheumatology


Medicine: Surgery


Medicine: Translational Epidemiology


Medicine: Urology




Molecular and Life Sciences


Multimedia Communications


Nano Biomedical Science


Nano & BioMEMS


Nano Science


Natural Language Processing


Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering


Nuclear and Energy Engineering


Nuclear and Quantum Engineering


Nuclear Energy


Nuclear Energy: Nonproliferation System Research


Nuclear Engineering


Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research




Operations Management


Organizational Behavior


Pharmaceutical Life Sciences








Physics and Astronomy


Physics: Applied Plasma & Quantum Beam Engineering


Physics: Biomedical Physics Laboratory


Physics: Center for Dielectric Advanced Matter Physics


Physics: POHANG Accelerator Laboratory


Physics: School of Nano-Science and Technology


Physics: Spin Dynamics & Spin-Wave Devices




Public Diplomacy


Public Relations


Quantum Energy Chemical Engineering


Radiation Convergence Engineering


Radiation Safety




Research & Measurement Sciences


River and Coastal Research


Rural Infrastructure Engineering


Science and Technology


Science and Technology Information


Science and Technology Policy


Social Welfare






Technology Management


Telecommunications Networking


Tourism and Convention


Urban Engineering


Veterinary Medicine


Veterinary Medicine: Physiology and Signaling


Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Research


Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Surgery


Welfare-Land Information